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miss orange
15 March 2010 @ 04:22 pm
If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

LEGGINGS WORN AS BOTTOMS. especially the shiny ones. ew.
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miss orange
11 January 2010 @ 01:50 am

i can't believe i only wrote like eight entries last year, heh. i blame my graduate thesis, my new(ish) job, and of course, twitter and tumblr :p
but of course, like every january where i post something that says 'omg i only wrote in my eljay so little last year wut..' i'm gonna say again that i'll try to write regularly from now on, just like i promised myself to write everyday in my starbucks planner this year (yea rite). because i love my shoddy little livejournal ♥

so, some really quick updates...
i got a job in a film magazine, it's my second month now. come deadline the working hour is crazy (i went home at 7 in the morning one day last week), but that's working in a media for ya. but so far i'm pretty much enjoying it. i'm a cinephile after all ;)

I'M IN LOVE WITH DELPHIC. HARD. ♥♥♥. It's been quite a while since a band's sound makes me feel like this (yes yes, i'm very passionate about my music. i'm a fangirl). everything i heard from them just makes me smile and all warm and happy inside. i can't wait till their album comes out.

i'm going to see Andrew Bird live in Singapore on the 26th. OHHH my god i can't wait i can't wait ♥.

so yeah, that's all i can't think of writing right now. one more thing to close the post: the Pocoyized version of me, heheh (posted this everywhere. don't you just love Pocoyo? :D)

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miss orange
11 October 2009 @ 03:55 am

woah, it's been 6 months since my last entry! i failed my lj yet again, hoh.

some updates (on my life, of course):
♥/ i've graduated! yay! i officially hold a master in humanities degree, in cultural studies. it was a blood-sweat-&-tears kind of effort. sleepless nights (& days), bottomless mugs of coffee, almost zero social life, general crankiness, weight loss, super messy bedroom, and the likes - you know. honestly, sometime in the middle of the semester i actually thought, 'how the hell am i going to finish this shit this semester?!?!' (self-deprecation & gloominess ensued). but then~ after some push, some thinking, & some encouraging talks (i love you people, you know who you are!), finally, finally i can actually finish right on time. and without cracking even once (well, just -almost-). i have to say i wasn't really glad with the final product, it was lacking in some aspects, and to be completely honest, i've had actually kinda lost interest in the topic itself. but i managed to pull through and FINISH in just one semester, and damn i'm proud of myself for that!!!
graduation ceremony was on late august. it felt much better than my undergrad graduation ceremony. less hot, more solemn, quite fun, & most of all, i was not late, hahaha :D

♥/ moved back to the renovated house. my room is quite spacious. i can dance around in it :D but yeah, when it comes to cleaning it, i loathe it so much. it's too big :p the window is facing west, so come afternoon - dusk, it can be really really bright (and i'm so not used to that).

♥/ cut my hair really short. haven't got it this short in quite a long time (it has grown back a bit though). it's short & layered & with bangs & frikkin hard to manage, so most of the time it's the messy bedhead look (sort of). i'm thinking of dyeing it again, hm.

♥/ now that school's over, i pretty much have a LOT of free time. my days are usually like this: wake up late, watch tv, do random things (read, write, doodle, trying to find stuff, watch tv, iron my clothes, etc etc), nap, watch tv, then stay up all nite watching dvds or scouring the internets for new music & good fanfics, hehe.

i wanted to write about some fangirling activities, but i'll save those for another entry. it's 4 am & i have lots of things to do this sunday, so i'm just gonna try and sleep now. but yeah, THE ELJAY'S BEEN REVIVED! ;D

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miss orange
13 April 2009 @ 03:18 am

Ok, so this year's french film festival site is up. Have only skimmed the film-list page.

And there's this title that grabbed my attention instantly: Le premier jour du reste de ta vie...

so when can we start buying tickets again? *marks April 19th & 25th on her calendar*

that is all~ =)
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miss orange
08 April 2009 @ 04:28 am

It's been three days in a row where I had less than 5 hours sleep a day. I do normally sleep late, but I have enough sleep (or even too much) because I usually wake up after 9 and I take naps. So yah, I've been a wee grouchy. What've I been doing? Well, reading a couple of books on qualitative research. And taking notes. And trying hard to read and understand Foucault's 'The Order of Things'. I gave up on that last one though. Returned the book to the library already.

So yesterday was quite interesting, I volunteered to be a test subject for my friend's class who's studying clinical psychology. I did warn her that my answers could be meh because I haven't been resting properly. It went okay though. I got home early with the intention of catching some sleep, but I couldn't -_____-. I went to bed, close the curtains, turned off the lights, and closed my eyes; but still couldn't sleep well. Huhhh.

And now it's 4 a.m. & I'm still wide awake. The first leg of the CL quarter finals just ended. And oh god what a match. The first half was nerve-racking, argghh. Conceded an early goal, lost Almunia & Gallas (I hope the injuries aren't serious), and got 3 cautions. Thank goodness the second half was better *___* Senna's goal was brilliant, but Ade's goal was nothing short of amazing too ♥. We attacked more, but everytime Villareal countered I got nervous (as usuallll) and looked away/hide behind the pillows/change the channel to the MU v Porto match. In the end 1-1 away draw is a not-so-bad result I think. And oh there was Bobby!!! I didn't think he'd play so it was nice to see him came in as a sub. I miss le Bob :3 (but since you're not in red&white anymore I can't wish you well bb!)

Ok I'm gonna try to force myself to sleep now. Or probably after watching the match again on rcti's delayed broadcast , haha (why the hell didn't starsports show any of the post-match interviews?).

And oh hey, I'm gonna see Jamiroquai live this evening! :D

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miss orange
06 April 2009 @ 02:41 am

Yes, I'm doing it again, abandoning my lj :/ I wrote about an entry per-week in January, which was an improvement, but then no posts at all for two months.
I'd probably write recaps of February and March, or probably not. So anyways, ima just write anything I have in mind right now.

  • The progress of my thesis-writing is rrrreeeaaallllyyyyy slow. Only about two months left now - I've wasted half of the time I have. I know it's crazy to say this, but I think I kinda lost interest in my topic. Oh dear. But I won't give up finishing it this semester. There's still time. The pressure is creeping in... but I know I work better under pressure.

  • I miss watching Japanese films.

  • I'm currently addicted to Dunkin Donuts' thai iced tea. My mum introduced it to me. Their green tea drink is also yummy, but the thai tea is just soooooooooooo good! :9

  • Isn't French Film Festival suppose to be in April? No news in CCF's website yet. Le Printemps Français will start early May, but no details yet.

  • I started exercising with my sis' bellydancing workout videos. Just watching it, it didn't seem like too much effort. But actually following the workout... woah, quite intense. I'm so out of shape, haha. (hm okay that is not something to be laughed at.)

  • Captain Cesc is back, yay! With a new tattoo? :O It's... big >__>
    what is that, ceeeesc?!?

  • Patrick Wolf's Vulture = finally = ♥! Now I just need to see that video...

  • I'm watching the BBC series Merlin, and I love it. I mean LOVE it. How can I not, when there are two pretty lead actors in it? Bromance abound! :p I'm officially a new fangirl of Colin and Bradley ♥ Plus the girls are not so bad too, Katie McGrath is so pretty. This series also sparked my interest in Arthurian legend, although it's quite different than the legend in general. I haven't seen all of the episodes, only half of it so far I think, but I'm addicted. I've even went as far as... reading fanfics O__O (oh no I don't wanna get into fandoms, no no no XD)

Alrighty, that's about it for now. Going back to bed, or if I still can't sleep, trying to understand Foucault again, huhuhu.

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miss orange
28 January 2009 @ 01:14 pm

I’ve been sick. Last week while watching the Obama inauguration I felt stiffness on my neck. The next morning I woke up with a swelling on it. I thought it was probably just because I slept on the wrong side of the pillow or something. I still went out, to get my NPWP card done (ohh my government-office-phobia was tickling again but thankfully I came with my mum, and she was the one who kinda did everything. We had to wait for two and a half hours but in the end I got my card so it’s all good. Bound to pay the country for the rest of my life but at least off the stupid thing they call fiscal if I wanna travel outside the country). The next day, the swelling got worse, with added headache, a bad cold, and at night I couldn’t sleep because I was so damn cold – I had a fever. Consulted my doctor aunt the next day, and she said I was infected with this virus (I dunno the name?) and she prescribed me 3 kinds of meds including antibiotics. It wasn’t grave and would usually last for only about a week, but STILL, it was annoying! I couldn’t do anything, she told me to get a lot of rest at eat lots of yummy food (yes, she said yummy, not healthy), so all I did for the last few days were just stay at home, sleep, watch some dvds, sleep, watch some Australian Open matches if I felt like it, sleep, and so on. I’m better now, except for the occasional dizziness.

So now until I fully recover, I’m just gonna watch more dvds (re-watching Pushing Daisies sounds nice, yeah? I need my piemaker and his piiiiies ♥), and feed myself J-Co donuts. =p

Last weekend I also got all panicky because I forgot to register my classes for this coming semester through the online system. The deadline was Jan 23rd, and I just realized this on the 25th. I tried registering but the system refused. But luckily the panic just lasted a day – the next day I tried again and it finally let me. Thank goodness for the add/drop classes period. And OH GODDD THE SEMESTER IS STARTING NEXT WEEK!!!!!! >______________<

I wanna write some things on Australian Open but I think ima make a separate post on that. Let me just say that I’m rooting for Simon, although I’m 90% sure that Rafa will kick him out today :’( Mais encore,...allez Gilles! ♥

And the thing about Arshavin transfer… oh just go and get done with it, clubs/agents! It’s really tiring trying to keep up with the news. T__T I don’t believe in any of the news anymore, except if it’s from arsenal.com :/

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